Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open Beta?

This means that DanStream is still under development and it is not finished yet but is in a state where we can already show it to the public.

Why is it not free, if it’s not finished yet?

Unfortunately, music licenses, server costs, maintenance and development aren’t for free :( We set up the trial period, so anyone can try the app in these early stages and if they like it, they can decide to support it with a small sum. This not only speeds up the process of finishing the service but gives an exclusive opportunity to even influence the development’s course.

What is Discord and why should I join?

Discord is an app / online service through which people can communicate. In our case, people who decided to support us through their subscriptions can chat with us, share their thoughts, can hear exclusive news about coming updates, or just have some general fun together as a community.

I have limited internet access. How much bandwidth DanStream needs?

It all depends on how long you use it. Music can be a large data consumer, so until Offline Mode is ready to use we recommend using DanStream with WiFi access or other unlimited connection type.

Can I download songs like on other streaming services?

Offline Mode is not implemented yet but we already have it planned for the future!

I can’t install DanStream, an error is showing up, what is the problem?

DanStream only supports Android 7 and above. If you can’t install it, it most likely means your phone has an older operating system.

What if I forgot my password?

For now, you should send us an email from the email address you registered with about the lost password issue and we reset it for you!